PRICEVIA.COM  for  efficient pricing and promotions
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Fully configurable pricing and promotions scheme


Specialized Rating and Verification  Facility

Cycle , Anniversary and Recurring Options
Promotions, Banks, Clubs and Other Affinity Programs
Advanced  Features, New Technology

Fully configurable pricing and promotions scheme
PriceVia offers complete line of pricing and promotions services with standard interfaces. PriceVia can be configured to
 -receive and process electronic requests for price and promotions lookup
 -provide specialized pricing functions such as freight rates and customer contracts
 -provide promotion functions such as clubs, co-ops, enrollments, withdrawals
 -provide price-lists, ponys or catalogues utilizing templates
 -provide accounting and analysis reports, logs, registers
Customers and service providers are easily set up.  Customer-Supplier contracts can be based on price, cost or complex models.


Specialized Rating and Verification Facility
Specialized features such as promotion programs, freight contracts, complex pricing schemes can be configured for individual customer.
Freight Rating Specialty utilizes advanced freight rating scheme of ShipVia to verify each and every shipment for customer contracts and/or published tariffs.  BOL and/or shipment data can be configured to be extracted form customer system.
Promotion Specialty utilizes the Rewards scheme to handle specialized accounting of Co-ops, banks, Spifs, club enrollments as so on.

Cycle, Anniversary, and Recurring Options
Regular Pricing, Anniversary Pricing, Cycle Pricing, or Recurring pricing can be setup to provide full flexibility in timing, content and delivery. Generated price-lists can be sent to you as PDF document or electronically transferred as transaction responses.

Promotions, Banks, Clubs and Other Affinity programs
PriceVia can facilitate specialized promotions involving pricing, premiums, free-goods, banks, co-ops and so on. Multiple promotions may be effective concurrently. Analysis reports and and cost[GL] reporting are easy to set up.

Advanced  Features, New Technology
Advanced features incorporating three tier architecture and XML interfaces allow  true scalability. IFX-compliant design features and architecture allow collaborative processing with various service providers and B2B exchanges.  PriceVia includes a host of schemes to interact with your systems employing HTTP, SMTP[e-mail], FTP,EDI or XML protocols.  PriceVia utilizes advanced technology to put you ahead, even while it offers the convenience of an easy integration with current  systems.

Now what's your excuse for still using the in-house system?

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PriceVia stores complex pricing and promotion schemes that are accessed to price a product or service or to produce price lists on demand
PriceVia can generate custom catalogs and price-lists using customer generated templates. End customers can do price and promotion lookup. PriceVia also controls promotion qualification, sign-up, enrollment and application.