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Internet and eBusiness are here to stay. Organizations which are able to adapt to the new realities will be poised for growth, and the rest will find it hard going.

Treating the Internet and eBusiness capability as a strategic opportunity is the first step.

The problems facing and organization trying to make a test waters in the Internet arena are many-fold. Many questions need to be addressed such as

Should we get into the Internet?
What is image we want to project?
How does e-business fit into our current scheme of things? Should we attempt to sell anything?
Are there any channel conflicts?
How do we support the product-market combination?
How do we conduct the fulfillment, customer satisfaction?
Which are the processes that are ripe to move to B2B?
How is the organizational structure affected by the shift?
What is the cultural impact and how will it be managed?
What is the IT architecture required?
How will we get there?

Internet and e-business are tools which have to be used most effectively. Without a proper study of the current products, markets and capabilities, it is not appropriate to expend time and resources into acquiring or developing.

Strategy Analysis Document

Synergy will conduct a study of the organization, its products, markets, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. An assessment of the opportunities in Internet and e-business processes will be brought forward.

The Document will detail the goals, path and pitfalls. Whether to go with an 'informational site' or a 'business to customer' site or a 'business to business' site or take part in an 'exchange'  - these options will be examined.

Document will also deal with the structure and content of the infrastructure and the organization required behind it. The costs, benefits and the structural changes will be outlined.

New systems bring in new cultures. It is an opportunity for the organization to set new goals, new discipline and new processes.Such opportunities must be grabbed and taken advantage of - that is what management is all about.

To get started on an Internet study generating the Strategy Document, please consult:


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