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Application Expertise


Over the past several years, Synergy has built up expertise in several application areas. Some of the solutions are highlighted below.


Synergy has considerable domain expertise in Transportation and Logistics area. Working with leading authorities in Logistics, Synergy have been providing transportation solutions leading companies for over ten years. Some of the solutions are:

Synergy Freight Management System(FMS):
Fully integrated Freight Management Solution for shippers incorporating Freight Rating for all modes in single database, Inbound and Outbound Shipment Planning and Scheduling, Routing and Carrier selection, Shipment Activity Management including BOL generation and manifesting with parcel shipping, Freight Audit and Payment, Shipment Database and Freight Analysis with Cost allocation, and What-if analysis.

Carrier Management System(CMS)
Management System for carriers incorporating Freight Rating, Inbound and Outbound Scheduling, Routing, Truck Activity Management, Freight Invoicing and interfacing with AR, Automated rate updates, file transfer interfaces, Shipment Database and Carrier Freight Analysis with cost allocation, Optional Truck Maintenance (Fuel/Repair/Labor) with Cost management and profitability analysis by equipment.

Shipping Service Provider Software
This Internet based software for shipping service provider handles all the shipping related tasks including Freight consolidation, Planning, Carrier selection, Pick list, Packing list, BOL, Labeling, Ship verification and Analysis. Freight rating is built in and self invoicing for carrier billing is an option. See www.shipvia.com for more details.

Billing Service Provider Software for Carriers
Internet based billing software for small carriers to conform to IFX/OFX conventions. Ability to take in scanned Bills of Lading and produce paper as well as electronic invoices.  See www.billvia.com for more details.

Payment Service Provider Software for Freight Payments
Internet based payment software specialized in freight audit and payment conforming to IFX/OFX conventions. Ability to take in scanned shipments or Bills of Lading and produce the matches and cash requirements. Several freight analysis options.  See www.payvia.com for more details.

I-Synergy Internet Software for Carriers (under development)
To provide a sophisticated Internet frontend to Internet customers. Features include custom storefronts, rate lookups, pickup schedules, freight analysis, tracking, major market/market lanes, transit days and driver reporting.
www.i-synergy.com for more details.

Freight Loading System(FLS)
Graphical Load Modeling CAD software for shippers/carriers for carton selection, pallet loading, truck/railcar/container loading. Allows multiple items of differing attributes to be mixed using rules regarding stackability and load restrictions. Design tool allows to pick and choose and move/rotate items within the consignment. Individualized grouping such as consignment and consolidation are allowed for load planning. Prisms of varying shapes (cylindrical, trapezoidal etc.) can be mixed for optimized placement. Interface with CAD and import/export from/to various software including Corel-Draw. Detailed reports for load specifications are available.


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ERP Solutions involving procurement, inventory, forecasting, capacity planning, Distribution planning, Materials Requirement Planning, Master Production Schedule, Physical Inventory, Order Processing, Shipping, Invoicing... and so on.  Synergy has been the primary contractor of development and implementation of several such systems in various industries such as electrical equipment, soft goods and apparel, china and cook ware, appliances, chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, household goods, cosmetics and so on.

Besides delivering custom modules, Synergy has experience in implementing and maintaining several state of the art packages in the ERP/Financial area including Oracle Applications, American Software, Software2000, Lawson, AG Edwards, Open Systems, Business Works to name a few.

Procurement/Purchase Systems
Materials requisition consolidation, distribution requirement planning, inbound processing including import and on-water.  Internet based procurement system (getvia.com) is under development.

Inventory planning, physical inventory, cycle counting, putaway, wave pick, costing, crew scheduling,  replenishment and analysis.  Graphical display of stock locations, integrated automated picking and move, pick lane replenishment,  serialized physical inventory and so on .  (Internet based service viamain.com is under development).

Manufacturing/Work Order Management
Manufacturing and Production Control is one of our strong area. Systems developed/implemented include MRP, CRP, MPS, Forecast, Production Control and ShopFloor functions. Work in Process Inventory, Product Costing, Machines interfacing, shopfloor data collection etc.,. are areas we have specialized knowledge in.
The newer buzzwords like JIT, KANBAN etc., are well known to us. 
Manufacturing and Work Order functions will be incorporated into Viamain.com ASP.

Customer Order Processing
Synergy has developed and installed several customer Order Processing and Customer Satisfaction systems. The Order Processing systems with Available to Promise, Allocations, Back Ordering, Manufacturing Integration, Sales Tax/VAT, Options and Features, Deals and Promotions, Order Life Cycle Management, EDI, Queued Order Entry, Quotes, Blanket Orders and .
Order Processing Functions will be incorporated into Viamain.com ASP.


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Turing a prospect into a customer and retaining the customer as active -is the purpose of a meaningful sales management function. The IT support of such function includes Prospect Management, Prospect Ticklers, Proposals and Quotes, SPIFF administration, Sales Agent Functions, CRM and Sales and variance analysis.

Sales and Prospect Management using SalesVia.com(under development)
Prospect  Management has graduated from an art to a science. Specific tasks conducted at specific time interval, coupled with a sensitive tickler system is required to manage the prospects. The design of the campaign, scheduling and monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of such campaigns and re-adjusting goals and tasks are all possible with SalesVia. The CRM module allows for document exchange functions including use of push technology to deliver catalogs, brochures, announcements, rebates and promotions..

Sales analysis module
Analysis of Sales and Cost by product/ market combinations and matching them with budget and forecast -all carried out for the entire sales organization. Download the analysis results to Windows-compliant programs such as Excel or word.

Executive Information
Data Warehousing option with ability to cut and slice along the structure of the sales organization, geography, channels, promotions, costing, product line and so on. Multiple flexible views and automatic update facility to interface with legacy systems. System allows to define extract criteria, which can generate the extract programs. The extracted data is loaded into pre-defined hierarchies, which can be rebuilt or restructured any time. On-line inquiries and batch reporting allow for viewing the summarized data in different dimensions. Budgets, Forecasts can be maintained and variances can be included in analysis.



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Synergy's experience with Financial Systems includes implementation of traditional financial systems at large corporations involving several third party systems such as Lawson, MSA, Open Systems, Traverse, Software2000, American Software, CODA, Oracle Applications, SAP and so on.

Synergy's participation in OFX(open Financial Exchange), IFX(Interactive Financial Exchange), ECML and its interaction with several financial service providers such as First Data Corporation, VisaNet, Global Payment Systems, Paymentec etc.,. have kept us up-to-date on the advances in financial transaction management. 

Synergy's Credit Card Processing Systems are certified by leading financial service providers.

The knowledge of traditional financial systems and the insight into newer technologies have helped Synergy to become the developer of Application Services such as Payvia.Com and BillVia.Com

Billing Service Provider Software
Internet based billing software for small carriers to conform to IFX/OFX conventions. Ability to take in scanned Bills of Lading and produce paper as well as electronic invoices.  See www.billvia.com for more details.

Payment Service Provider Software
Internet based payment software specialized in freight audit and payment conforming to IFX/OFX conventions. Ability to take in scanned shipments or Bills of Lading and produce the matches and cash requirements. Several freight analysis options.  See www.payvia.com for more details.

CC-PAY application handles credit-card processes including reconciliation. CC-PAY is certified by First Data Corporation, Paymentec, Global Payment (mastercard), Visanet and so on.


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Activity based information allows the organization to model and monitor the performance factors quantitatively.  Though highly robust in theory, most AB systems fail in their implementation due to lack of methodologies to account for subtle differences and exceptions which are always present at every organization. 

Coming up with a methodology and framework which can work for your organization that can accommodate the unique features of the organization is no easy task. Synergy's strength is in this area.

Activity Based Costing System 
Fully integrated Activity Based Management System analyzing customer Profitability by order line and business results. Extract and monitor costs from the vendor to customer. Handle complex allocations and plant-warehouse relationships. Allows for rule based processing of exceptions. This system can be interfaced with ABC/PC where the modeling is captured in PC and actual processing runs on the AS/400.

Model any business process with entities and relationships and assign costs to them. This set of graphical tools can depict the model in picture format, defining and creating input data forms, and output display formats. Models can be executed in batch or on-line mode, which builds the outputs, based on the depicted equations. Multiple models connected together can simulate cost pools and drivers and cost absorption. Analysis reports are available for monitoring the key performance variables of the process under study.

Process/Project Flowcharter(PFC)
Allows the process and project flows to be graphically defined. Options include transfer to the AS/400 and generation of process flow programs depicting the flow. The process flows can then be used to generate the activity models and background programs.


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Point of Sales systems involving cash management, receipt printing, cash drawer interface, touch screen processing, credit card authorizations, draft capture, inventory management have been developed by Synergy. Java based and scalable solutions from 1 terminal to 1000 terminals with robust back-end, centralized databases, centralized fulfillment on wide area network.


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The business planning systems whether procurement planning, cash requirement planning, materials requirement planning, capacity requirement planning, distribution requirement planning, shipment planning, consolidation planning, material allocation planning, crew planning or any other planning have certain common aspects such as

-consolidate requirements

-identify capacities

-quantify effects by assigning costs and benefits

-find the best option

Synergy's planning framework is used in several companies. The planning framework provides for rule-based consolidation and matching, model based distributions at the back-end. The front-end features easy to use GUI and flowcharter and Excel models to interface with the user. Some systems are so versatile that they operate on Excel data or database table data or both.


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Specialized systems to manage promotions is the need of the day. As we know CRM systems were not in demand few years ago, but currently companies cannot operate without CRM. Similarly, promotion based marketing will come to rely on specialized promotions systems.

Synergy Rewards
Synergy Rewards is a powerful and flexible deals and promotions system. It is completely table driven and user-definable to handle the very complex conditions for co-ops, free goods, rebates, restrictions, customer banks, commissions, price breaks, buy-ins, etc.,. We can stack any number of promotions based on customer, product, order line, price in various combinations of attributes of order, customer, item, warehouse, company and promotion attributes. SR/2000 handles customer returns and adjustments adequately and also can generate follow up letters, reminders, bank statements and accounting/cost reports.
A web version of the system is  under development (SalesVia.com)


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Over the years, Synergy has brought out several tools and utilities. 

File Map Utility(FMU)
Input files from varying sources and formats can be mapped to many files and/or programs and systems using pre-defined maps generated by user by clicking and dragging. Detailed logical conditions and expressions can be built in to handle selection/mapping criteria. Data can be extracted from various formats including EDI input, delimited ASCII, fixed format, Excel spreadsheets and ODBC compliant databases.

AS/400 option allows LU6.2 interface with AS/400 database, which can be used to define maps, and/or to exchange data with.

Report Parsing Facility(RPF)
Report Parsing Utility allows on-line spool files to be viewed and data-mapping definitions to be made from it. Such definitions are later used to pump data into files and programs using the run option. This handy tool does away with re-keying.

Zipcode/Tax Utility(ZIP) (AS/400, Windows)
A simple zipcode, city,state,county database with browse and update. Data can be kept up to-date using USPS or third-party files. Cobol and/or RPG sample with AS/400 to PC communication features are provided with source.

Synergy Impact Analyzer
Define and analyze the impact of field and/or structure change in AS/400 systems. Full fledged project management system with Impact Analysis, Resource Planning and reporting, Source level controls, Job scheduling and reporting. Powerful scanning feature allows detailed documentation. Custom editor facilitates easy browse and edit with all related units viewed at the same time. Unique rule processor allows for automatic selection of solutions to be incorporated into the sources. Full data conversion utility to complement system migration.

Menuing Module & Batch Scheduler(Menu)
This system allows for multiple level (99) of menus to be defined that can be customized for individual customer. Full security and navigation capabilities with goto feature. Called programs and command can be setup up to have the parameters prompted with default values.

Batch scheduler allows to schedule task to be run in a batch mode. This comes complete with a report distribution package, which can handle distribution in SNADS and/or Internet environment.

Help Utility(Help)
AS/400 Help panels can be generated from displays and programs. Standardized help panels can be accessed from programs giving context sensitive help and selection options. Integration with PC word processing package or custom AS/400 editor is the highlight of this package.

Journal Analysis Utility(JAU) (AS/400)
Analyze any journal for a specific change or a set of related changes which are user definable. Detailed print and query modules allow easy audit and recovery.



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Embedded Systems are a specialty of Synergy's affiliate - Sankya Systems. Sankya's expertise in providing embedded systems have earned them kudos from several agencies including India's premier Space Research Organization. Sankya is a certified vendor with ISRO and systems developed by them are in service in India's satellites. Please visit www.sankya.com for more information.


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Synergy's associate Gurusoft specializes in Educational Systems. Their Tutor series software enables students to study independently.

Currently, Tutor series software is available for CBSE, ICSE, KERALA STATE syllabi in Mathematics, English, and Science for Standards 8, 9 and 10. Please visit soon to be announced www.gurusan.com for more details.



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Synergy provides E-business solutions in several areas

Internet/Intranet Strategy Document
Synergy has been providing Internet strategy analysis services for various organizations. The project typically involves market analysis, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, analysis of technology options, and then creating the document detailing the best approach to creating the Internet presence. The document may detail the site specification, development methodology and the technology platform definitions.

System design/Site Development
Synergy can design and develop your site. Our strengths lie in the back-end integration and engines. Our association with creative graphic artists and designers play a helping role in developing the storefront. The back-ends using involved transaction processing, security, multi-tier architecture, MVC designs, Request-response schemes, caching and architectures involving J2EE and EJB are used by Synergy in several systems such as shipvia.com, payvia.com etc.,.

Content Development/Distribution
Delivering content over the Internet is one of the areas of our specialty. Content whether it is an e-mail,  a catalog, an order acknowledgement, a planning document, an ASN, a BOL , a survey or a structured business process - Synergy has the frameworks to get it across using  different protocols and exchanges. Synergy's Document Exchange(under development) complements/replaces mail/messaging systems.

Remote Customer Assistance Module 
Customer assistance on web is a problem which Synergy is trying to solve. Synergy is developing RCAM (Remote Customer Assist Module) by which a CSR can guide a web-user through the steps, and can actually show how to get the transaction through.

E-Commerce Framework
Synergy's e-commerce frame works include multi-vendor(service provider) and multi-company models. The providing side can have its hierarchy ie. a broker working with several vendors. Similarly the consuming side can have multiple hierarchies - a company having several customers.

Customization of menus by supplier as well as customer, administrators (customer, supplier and system-wide), security by form, user, and data, common services such as print, core tables, and processes such as backup, log, archive, journal analyze etc are part of the framework.

The request-response model allows to work with on-line exchanges, batch and legacy systems and web users. XML structures and MVC designs ensure device independence and scalability.

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