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Transport / Logistics
Supply Chain / ERP    
Sales / CRM Systems
Pay / Bill Systems   
Activity Based Systems   
Retail / Point of Sale
Planning Systems 
Promotions Systems 
Internet Development
Embedded Systems 

Educational Systems



Implementation of new technology demands skilled manpower to plan, develop and implement the solutions. Synergy Software, has an active consulting practice which can accommodate most customer requirements from total outsourcing to isolated service calls.

Skilled Programmers and Technicians - Able Project Leaders

Besides recruiting very good talent and retaining highly motivated personnel, Synergy invests in its people by means of training and personal development.

Technology Consulting - Systems and Programming

Oracle Database Administration
Oracle Financials
Oracle Manufacturing
Progress Development
Web Development on VB/ASP Commerce Server
Web Development on JS/JSP
Bea Weblogic, Allair JRun/Coldfusion, Apache,IBM Websphere, IPlanet, Netscape Enterprise and other servers
Java, EJB, J2EE platforms
Adobe tools, Macromedia Tools
C/C++, VB,VC,JBuilder,UML Modeler
IBM AS/400 RPG, COBOL, C and Java
NT /SQL Srvr Administration
Novell Netware Administration
Embedded Systems

Application Areas

Inventory, Distribution, Manufacturing Systems
(American Software, Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP, Sage, Goldmine)
AP, AR, GL, Fixed Assets
Activity Based Information Systems
Planning, Forecasting
Customer Relationship Management
CTI, CallPath, Telephone Integration
Educational Software
Publishing, content management
Labelling,Barcoding, Warehouse Automation
Sales Reporting, OLAP, Data Warehouse
Financial Transactions,Credit Card Integration
Promotion Systems, campaigns, Surveys, Mass Mailings

Synergy Software Methodology

Synergy promises to learn about the customers' businesses and be aware of the advances in application areas and technology usage. This is a commitment we undertake. This has helped Synergy to retain some the clients like Pactive Corp, American Standard, Reliable Automatic Sprinkler, TFAL Corporation, Hoechst Celanese, Lenox China. Synergy's first customer is still an active customer at Synergy. Maximizing customer value is not a fancy statement; it is an active goal we try to practise and our customers vouch for.

For more information,  contact :

Synergy Software Corp                  info@synergy-us.com

If you are a consultant looking for challenging career, contact us at jobs@synergy-us.com

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