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Outsourcing IT functions makes a lot of sense for many organizations. With advances in communications, the outsourcing option along with the ASP option,  looks all the more attractive.  Synergy Software with its experience as a quality outsourcing vendor, continues to offer both ASP and Outsourcing options.

ASP or OutSourcing

An ASP option is where the vendor is responsible for all the systems (hardware, software and procedures) and the customer is normally charged only for the services.

In OutSourcing, typically the vendor provides mutually contracted services. The systems (hardware and software) usually belong to the customer. Outsourcing is the preferred method when it is necessary to keep the company IT assets clearly demarcated.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Typically, cost savings amount to 30% due to improved utilization of resources. Coupled with the usage of offshore facilities, these savings can range upto 50-60%.

Availability of skilled manpower to staff up to match the project's requirements, gives the  Manager more flexibility.

The twelve hour time differential between US and Asia enables round the   clock attention on the project. 

Risk Factors in Outsourcing

Security and Confidentiality  may be compromised by unscrupulous vendors.

Changes to functional requirements are more difficult to accommodate

The delivered services differ in quality.

Guarantees and other clauses are difficult to enforce

Synergy Software Methodology

Synergy Software provides a reliable and foolproof method to eliminate the risks in Outsourcing while guaranteeing the benefits by

-Controlling the projects and supplementing the development effort from the US

-Using vendors who are affiliated to Synergy. These vendors are contractually obligated to honor Synergy's confidentiality agreements.

Successful Outsourcing projects and ASPs

Projects handled by Synergy include Logistics Systems, Freight Audit, Freight Payment and Invoicing Systems.

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Division of Hoechst Celanese was an outsourcing customer of Synergy for five years.

Synergy's ASP solutions are now under development. These include:  www.shipvia.com  a shipping solution,  www.payvia.com specialized  payment service provider; www.billvia.com specialized billing service provider;  www.getvia.com specialized procurement service provider;  www.pricevia.com a specialized pricing and rewards solutions;  www.salesvia.com a sales and distribution solution; and  www.viamain.com a planning solution. 

For more information,  contact :

Synergy Software Corp                  outsource@synergy-us.com

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